"Coaching hasn't happened unless there's been a shift in thinking and therefore behaviour".

Martin Goodyer

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The International Academy for Business Coaching and Training

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Surveys in the UK, USA and Europe all reveal that the coaching profession has a significantly higher number of new entrants than sustained business practices. While anecdotal evidence suggest that some coaches are able to provide an adequate level of earnings, this is often supplemented with elements of consultancy and training. The CBBC methodology offers coaches qualified in this methodology a distinct advantage; by focusing on high revenue potential clients a CBBC coach can achieve significantly higher earning levels than coaches qualified in other disciplines.

According to the latest research, training alone is not enough

Most trained coaches can’t make a living

Percentage of Revenue NOT Profit

CBBC is a simple and effective means of securing long terms clients. It is a shared-risk arrangement in which the coach commits expertise in return for a percentage of improved revenue.

Coaches do not take decisions and are not responsible for the profitability of the client; they are there however to stimulate the clients thinking and actions into taking decisions and making changes that result in profitable growth. The coach has a moral obligation to maintain integrity and  is contracted to provide coaching with the specific aim of achieving ‘profitable growth’. The final arbiter however in decisions taken regarding profitability is the client. Therefore the measurement applied to CBBC remunerations is gross revenue over and above that agreed as a ‘base’ level.

CBBC clients have a very specific coaching need. The business owner recognises that profitable growth is a desirable profitability and desires support in achieving it. The CBBC coach is trained in how to identify the proper parameters and test the motivations of the prospective client

How CBBC Works

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CBBC Works: Don’t just take our word for it

Click on this sound icon to listen to an interview with a genuine CBBC client. This is typical of the feedback from a business owner with the potential to substantially grow their business, but who would NOT have purchased the coaching support to achieve that growth without CBBC.

CBBC is the only coaching approach that is convincing small and medium sized business owners to try coaching to help achieve significant  profitable growth. Coaches trained and qualified to deliver CBBC coaching will have a significant competitive advantage “

“CBBC is a means of accessing the 27 million or more SME (Small and medium sized Enterprises) that would otherwise never buy coaching”

Typical CBBC Clients

24 Month Contracts

A CBBC relationship is by its very nature long term. Apart from an initial ‘goodwill’ fee, all the client charges are a percentage of  ‘additional’ revenue achieved. The CBBC training teaches how to calculate this and establish a simple and easy to operate billing system with the client. It then can be reasonably anticipated that the client will establish a ‘maintenance’ relationship with the coach after the 24 month contracted period on an on-going basis.

CBBC coaches establish long-term client relationships

“As a CBBC Coach I take pride in my ability to guarantee results”

Martin Goodyer