"Coaching hasn't happened unless there's been a shift in thinking and therefore behaviour".

Martin Goodyer

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The International Academy for Business Coaching and Training

International member of the Association for Coaching

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Modern Learning Facilities

The iABCt business school regularly uses venues that not only features comfortable and modern, fully air-conditioned surroundings but also presents learning in a style appropriate with the high-tech commercial environment within which delegates are used to working.

Slide shows and PDF’s are pre-loaded onto devices and issued as course materials so that students have permanent access to the fill range of visual course material and can work either in groups or individually at their own pace.

Sample lectures and audio support files are included in the course materials on most certified programmes to support the learning and revision process.

On all extended Certified Programmes  delegates are presented with electronic learning devices as an alternative to the traditional printed course literature

 The iABCt is perfectly located…anywhere

About the iABCt


The iABCt was founded for two reasons: To meet the growing need for business development support on the island and to provide a perfect location for offshore business training all year round. (See PEN above)

The iABCt faculty has a small team of permanent associates supported by specialists working alongside the iABCt, led by leading coaching psychologist Martin Goodyer.

The iABCt is mainly hosted by Canary Islands locations near the San Miguel Marina in Arona but we are able to deliver courses globally.

The iABCt both accredits some of our own courses, aligns with international associations such as the Association for Coaching and is in the process of securing external accreditation

Sample Materials

The iABCt provides comprehensive support materials for all courses. In the case of accredited programmes these are delivered electronically.

Outside Space

The iABCt applies the principles of ‘Positive Environmental Neurology’ to all learning programmes; as such the use of outside space for learning is actively encouraged. Groups are encouraged to sit, talk and review their learning together in the communal spaces outside of the facility or to take a short walk to the marina and continue their learning with the ocean as a backdrop. The experience of guided learning under the sun with fresh sea air is both effective and enjoyable.


The foundations of the iABCt curriculum are in the application of coaching - we teach how to be a professional coach and support the development of a coaching culture - we teach coaching philosophy and how to intuitively grow - and we teach how to put it all together in a leadership package we call QLL™, Question Led Leadership.

The iABCt training academy organises training venues to best fit each course and make the most of the excellent natural environment in Tenerife. For example we have held courses both in the business centre and the adjacent bowling club in the Winter Gardens complex which is close to the San Miguel Marina on the South Coast of Tenerife.

Training Venues

We wish to see a future in which quality coaching is an expectation within organisations and not an option

Our aim is to provide outstanding quality business and coaching training internationally

Learn how to ask better questions

The iABCt definition of coaching “Coaching facilitates (makes easier) self improvement (desired by the client) by supporting (underpinning) a person (an individual) in systematically (via a process) acquiring skills (learning) and tools (approaches) to both discover (uncover) and overcome (find solutions to) barriers to the (interference) achievement of (leading to success) personal and (belonging to the client) professional (relating to the job) goals (targets, aims and desires)