"Coaching hasn't happened unless there's been a shift in thinking and therefore behaviour".

Martin Goodyer

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Influencing without Authority

One of the most common issues facing professional coaches is that of helping their clients discover how to effectively influence people over whom they hold no authority

The skill and confidence to offer-up models of action or behaviour for clients to evaluate is a hallmark of the iABCt Professional Coaching Certificate. Our coaches are equipped with the technical know how to distinguish between mentoring and coaching, and when appropriate to bring the two skills together under a coaching umbrella. It is therefore essential that coaches have these models and approaches at their fingertips. We therefore provide our coaches with support material that may help them bring their own experience to the table and also expand their knowledge and range of tools at their disposal. One of the tools developed by coaches working with the iABCt is the ‘Eye of Influence’™. This is a calibration tool to establish the current effectiveness of a clients influencing behaviour. It has been constructed using established best practice and current thinking as applied at leading educational establishments such as Ashridge and Harvard, from information openly sourced. We are happy to provide a glimpse of the ‘Eye of Influence’™ below and hope that it encourages you to engage with us in one of our programmes so that we might share with you in detail precisely how to make the most of it and generate superb coaching results with clients wishing to ‘Influence without Authority’

The Eye of Influence™

The iABCt specialises in ‘Incentive’ Coach Training

Organisations engaged to any extent with coaching will benefit from sending one or two employees on an iABCt Professional Coaching Certificate programme as it acts as both a reward and a means of boosting coaching effectiveness in the organisation. Coach trainees from all levels of experience and every level of organisational hierarchy join together for a weeks ‘Summer School’ at the iABCt in Tenerife before going back to work and practicing their coaching skills over the following 9 months. They are supported with distance learning mini learning-action-sets, tutoring and undertake real world business assignments in order to achieve their professional certification as a coach. The organisation wins by having people within it that become coaching experts and the employees win by having adding a professional qualification to their portfolio of skills AND they feel rewarded and special by being sent to spend a week in a four star hotel on the ocean in the sunshine of Tenerife.

To find out more about how incentive coach training can help your organisation achieve even more from coaching please visit our sales team by clicking the button below

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Martin Goodyer is a global leader in coaching research and development and leads the teaching of the iABCt Professional Coaching Certificate Priogramme