"Coaching hasn't happened unless there's been a shift in thinking and therefore behaviour".

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The International Academy for Business Coaching and Training

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At the iABCt we are serious about training standards. We seek to provide the highest level of verification appropriate for each of the courses we offer. In the case of the Certified programmes that may be with a university, or for instances where the training is required to meet legislated standards that might be in conjunction with a local or regional authority or industry body. Where no external verification body exists the iABCt applies a high level of internal quality control and achievement verification. All courses are open to scrutiny and all certificates and diplomas issued are for properly assessed and competent completion of programmes.

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Industry, Education & Professional Qualifications

The iABCt collaborates with appropriate accrediting bodies in respect of the course undertaken. Where a higher education indication of academic credibility is required then the iABCt works with universities such as the University de La Laguna in Tenerife. Statutory training is verified by the appropriate body responsible for that area of expertise; and where no clear accrediting agency is appropriate, such as with corporate programmes, the iABCt is proud to offer its own internal verification.

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