"Coaching hasn't happened unless there's been a shift in thinking and therefore behaviour".

Martin Goodyer

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“The trainers at the iABCt all have one thing in common; they are outstanding communicators and great teachers”

Martin Goodyer

Head of Training

Martin Goodyer

Director of Training

Building trust, creating a safe space and recognising that no leader has all the answers but always has strengths to build on, are hallmarks of outstanding senior executive coaching. Martin Goodyer has an exemplary and extensive track record of coaching built on the solid foundations of a 17 year business career, qualifications in business management and as a psychologist, and now 15 years as a full time coach and coach educator.

An author on books on coaching and productivity, a teacher of coaching philosophy and skills at the highest accredited level, and a coach of vast experience working internationally with C-suite clients from India, the US, Africa, Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe and the Far East, Martin is a world class coach.

Martin is a transformational coach. His coaching style is to effect rapid and lasting changes in both team and individual behaviour. In addition to high performance and development coaching, Martin has achieved particular success in achieving flexibility and effectiveness with difficult people and challenging teams, and those who lead difficult people and challenging teams. Martin has also undertaken the role as personal coach to a number of high profile clients in the public eye. He is also an excellent coach and presenter on seminar platforms, with extensive television and radio experience.

Coaching clients include private equity investment company chief financial officers and directors, investment banking executives, utility company directors, local authority strategic directors and senior managers, directors of private and public companies, senior executives, partners and entrepreneurs in a variety of sectors including architecture, banking, construction, property development, brewing, recruitment, healthcare, hospitality, higher education, interior design, IT, pharmaceuticals, professional sport, retail, utilities and venue management.

Martin is extensively qualified in:

Behavioural Psychology

Neuro-linguistic Programming

General Management

Training & Development

Martin is currently engaged in a research PhD at Birmingham City University, holds an honours degree in psychology, graduated from Guelph University in Canada on their Advanced Management Programme, is an NLP Master Practitioner, holds a raft of training & coaching certificates gained with international hotel companies and began his career by graduating with honours and a Diploma in Hospitality Management from Henley college in the UK. In addition to being a coach himself, Martin is also Head of Coach Training at an international training academy.The methodologies applied by Martin are based on solid scientific foundations and delivered with practical business acumen. He is a media savvy highly skilled change director and coach.

He is married to Rachel and lives with the remaining one of his four children yet to fly the nest, along with dogs Oscar and Billy, and Marmite the cat. He divides his time between living in Warwickshire and the sunnier climate of the Canary Islands.

Coaching clients include directors (of private and public companies), senior executives, partners and entrepreneurs in a variety of sectors including the Automotive industry, Architecture & Construction, Banking, Brewing, Hospitality, Higher Education, IT, Pharmaceuticals, Professional Sport, Retail and Venue Management and executives with relationship, career, or personal behavioural issues.

Training experience includes coaching and training coaches to  internationally recognised standards, personal leadership skills, sales techniques, influencing techniques and advanced communication with clients in the automotive, hospitality, retail, investment banking, insurance, IT, healthcare, charity and education sectors.

Martin is the author of ‘How to be a Great Coach: brilliant coaching conversations’ published by the iABCt and available on Amazon, and is in the process of writing a commissioned book for a leading publisher as part of their science of success series. He has also appeared as both an onscreen coach and off screen coaching advisor for International TV companies with programmes broadcast on the BBC, ITV and Discovery Channel. He is also a regular contributor  with regard to coaching issues on BBC radio

Rosana Mesa

Training Consultant

“My role is to bridge the gap between English and Spanish to make sure that both sets of speakers benefit from great material”

Rosana Mesa: Training Consultant

Rosana was born in the UK but her family are from Tenerife. After a general education in the UK she returned home to graduate in Sociology at the ULL (University of La Laguna). Fluent in both English, Spanish and with a working knowledge of German, this, plus her experience as a lecturer in public education is a perfect combination for her role as consultant trainer with the iABCt.

Rosana is married to Chris. They live in San Miguel with their daughter Maia.

A Wealth of Business Experience

Each Training Course is run by a team of professional training consultants who specialise in the topic. As each course is offered the specific lecturer will be confirmed at that time.

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