"Coaching hasn't happened unless there's been a shift in thinking and therefore behaviour".

Martin Goodyer

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From Passion to Profit

How to turn your ideas into business opportunities

When you are confident that people love what you’re selling as much as you, then you can’t help but sell, sell, sell and then sell some more.

But when you’re not quite so certain then making a sale can be tough. That’s why so many people fail to get good ideas off the ground.

“People make all kinds of excuses but behind them all is one simple fact: They don’t believe in what they’re doing enough to get out there and try.”

Martin Goodyer

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Discover how your mistakes of the past can be your passport to a brighter future

Learn how to align your personal desires with an achievable business goal

Identify the real barriers to success in making your passion profitable

Establish a business model that works for you

Create a business plan that will take you to the next level

Determine the fundamental success factors that will drive up revenues, keep costs down and make profits

Get started straight away by joining this subsidised group coaching programme with Martin Goodyer.

Priced in the UK at approx €750 this programme is being made available by the iABCt for just €250 per person.

This group coaching workshop is an intensive two days of coaching that is for people wishing to start a new business or who have a small business and wish to take it to a new level of profit and sales.

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From Passion to Profit:

Now a one-day fast track programme