"Coaching hasn't happened unless there's been a shift in thinking and therefore behaviour".

Martin Goodyer

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WebPlus X6

WebPlus – Professional Quality Websites Made Easy

MoviePlus X6

MoviePlus – High Definition Video Editing Made Easy

PagePlus X6

PagePlus – Professional Desktop Publishing Made Easy

PhotoPlus X5

PhotoPlus – Powerful Digital Photo Editing Made Easy

Many of the iABCt business support programmes refer to Internet based promotion. This does not necessarily require small business owners to invest heavily in a website design or expensive website consultancy. Use of a designer may not be appropriate to all businesses. In many cases it is perfectly possible to design your own site using simple to use software. The iABCt is pleased to recommend ‘SERIF’ as such a provider. The programmes are simple to use, easy to learn and inexpensive to buy. With WebPlus, MoviePlus, PagePlus and PhotoPlus you’ll have everything you need to make and edit a professional looking website complete with images, movies and online brochures.

“Running a business without a website is like running a high street store without a window”

Martin Goodyer