"Coaching hasn't happened unless there's been a shift in thinking and therefore behaviour".

Martin Goodyer

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The International Academy for Business Coaching and Training

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Continued Professional Development

The iABCt Professional Coaching Certificate supports application for Accreditation with the International association for Coaching, however there are requirements other than training that must also be in place before accreditation can take place. One of those is evidence of annual CPD. This may be gained from any credible source and the iABCt is supporting CPD for any coaches - NOT necessarily trained by the iABCt - to continue their own development by joining with iABCt alumni. TThe iABCt CPD event is made up of a guaranteed agenda of cutting edge material designed to make attendance a ‘no-brainer’, and on top of that there are numerous contributions by iABCt alumni that take the event to a new level.

This is not a conference, it is an on-line CPD series of workshops and presentations the like of which we are not aware of elsewhere.

We sincerely hope you will be able to join us.

January 2018

The programme for our 2018 CPD annual event includes insights and on line workshops that include a re-definition of coaching in the workplace and how to make best use of it , the use of managers as coaches and the relationship between coaching and  organisational change.

This years CPD is happening on line. You can register now and will be sent details of how to participate. The sessions will be recorded as podcasts and available afterwards for you to keep - and best of all, the cost of participation has been dropped all the way to ZERO! Yes, you can join in and after registering and engaging with each CPD session will be eligible for a CPD certificate detailing the sessions attended. If you wish to have a copy of the podcast and PDF’s associated with each session there will be a nominal charge only. To register for free simply email us at cpd@iabct.org

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