"Coaching hasn't happened unless there's been a shift in thinking and therefore behaviour".

Martin Goodyer

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The International Academy for Business Coaching and Training

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not covered here then please just email us at admin@iabct.org

Can I join part way through the year?

The short answer is no. The programme takes one group through a year of training and practise. At the moment there is only one programme available per year and it starts in April or May with a week-long  'Late Summer School' in Tenerife. The longer days and warm weather facilitates an enriching and rewarding learning experience. The quality of accommodation and setting is far superior to anything the UK can offer at this price, and the emotional positives elicited by travelling to a vacation destination should not be underestimated either.

Does the training include how to market myself and gain customers?

Yes. We use the business growth tools that you will be trained to use with potential clients on ourselves. In your practise groups you will learn to both use the tools as coaches and as a business manager in your own right. The programme focuses attention specifically on revenue growth strategies and tactics that are as applicable in a coaching practice as any other business.

Does the training include how to set up a business coaching practice?

Yes. We use the business growth tools that you will be trained to use with potential clients on ourselves. In your practise groups you will learn to both use the tools as coaches and as a business manager in your own right. The programme also includes specific information and experience of strategies and tactics applicable to the establishment of a new coaching practice.

Does this qualification guarantee me work?

This cannot be guaranteed, however the foundational material of the programme are tried and tested business applications to drive revenue and growth. applying these to your own situation with the support of your coaching colleagues will provide ample leverage to get you on your way.

How does this compare to the coach training from other providers?

This is the only programme of its kind that we are aware of. Most coach training providers label 'business coaching' as simply coaching in a business environment; we do not. We train our coaches not only how to coach effectively but also how to present business tools and models using coaching methodology. Each of these tools is tried and tested. All tools and their coaching application are the intellectual property of the iABCt, however achieving the certified qualification includes a lifelong licence to use those materials in a coaching environment.

How effective are the business tools that I'll be introduced to?

Each of the tools has been tested extensively in the business coaching environment and have been demonstrated to produce excellent results. The training includes both the theoretical underpinning knowledge applicable to each tool plus the practical knowledge and practise necessary to apply them.

How will I learn the language of business?

The programme is conducted in a business environment using the most common terms appropriate in that environment. By using the tools on your own business and coaching your fellow coaches using that same material you will quickly become accustomed to common business expressions.

How will you know I've reached the standard required?

The programme includes supervised coaching sessions, a detailed analysis and report on the real life application of business coaching and a diary of actual coaching experiences as well as observed assessments. The combination of these elements ensures both a theoretical understanding and pragmatic and effective application of business coaching methodology and the tools employed.

I am newly qualified and have no experience, is this for me?

It might be. Business coaching requires confidence and the ability to build rapid rapport with strangers. we can teach you how to do this but you have to want to do it. We are sure you are familiar with the old psychologists joke; how many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb? The answer; as many as you like but the light bulb must want to change! The same is true about this programme; it must be something that genuinely appeals as a career choice.

I can't run a business so how can I coach someone that does?

Business coaching is neither business advising nor business consultancy. Your clients do not come to you for answers; they can use Google for that! Business coaches are effective by finding ways to help them do what, in many cases, they already know what to do but are not doing it. At those times when stimulating input is required the trained iABCt business coach is able to present a business tool or model for the business leader to examine and interpret in relation to their own circumstances. Unlike consultancy and advocacy the business coach does not put forward their own ideas and opinions, but helps the business leader form their own. If you have a psychology background you are already some way down the road of understanding how to do that. At the iABCt we take what you know already and frame it in relation to a business coaching approach that works.

I don't want a full time career, is this suitable?

Yes. You choose how many clients you have and how much you work. some business coaches work on regular retainers with long term clients and see them regularly for a fixed fee. Others take on short term engagements to help a client through a particular issue. Some work on a commission basis, sharing in the revenue growth they help their client create. All of which may be something done as either a full or part time activity.

I gained my psychology degree some years ago but have never really used it, do I qualify?

Yes. The underpinning knowledge won't have gone away. We teach you approaches that build on your knowledge rather than rely on it, so even if you have had a full time career doing something else, you still will feel at home on this programme.

I have never worked in business so how can I become a business coach?

Business coaching is about facilitating behavioural change and not about running a business. If you have a background in psychology then you are already likely to have more knowledge about changing behaviour than your client. when you add to that the specific business coaching the iABCt provides, you will be more than equipped to deliver outstanding results.

I'm already a trained coach but would like to learn the business skills; is that possible?

Yes, we have had many experienced and already trained coaches on our Professional Coaching Certificate Programme

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I'm quite young; can I coach people older than myself?

Age is no barrier to effective coaching. Doctors qualify while still in their twenties and have no problem in helping sick people get better. As a certified business coach with the iABCt you will proved yourself as having the requisite skills to facilitate behavioural change in a client that supports them growing and developing their business. This is a very different skill to running the business itself and therefore should not be confused with age or business experience.

Is the same training available in the UK?

No. The residential portion of the programme only runs in Tenerife and is only run by the iABCt. Any other programmes  you might see that purport to provide business coaching are not affiliated to the iABCt and do not include the tools and models exclusive to this programme. It should be noted that coaches who have already qualified elsewhere on programmes that advertise an element of 'business coaching' come to the iABCt to learn the business coaching tools and models, simply because these are unique to the iABCt and not available elsewhere.

Is there any way of doing the training without coming to Tenerife?

No. The week long intensive training is a mandatory and necessary part of the programme. Much of the benefit of attending the programme is the interaction, experience and practise you gain working with the other coaches.

Is this a recognized qualification?

This is an international certification by a credible body of coaching experts and supports application to the International association for Coaching. It is an independent qualification and is not linked to any awarding body or coaching community. The best way to evaluate the credibility of the programme is to look around the website and talk to one of the tutors at the iABCt.

What are the business tools that I will learn?

There are an established set of tools and models developed specifically for application in a business coaching setting; they include models for business start ups, revenue growth, strategic and tactical business development, communication, sales, marketing, negotiation among others. Each tool or model is provided in a specific iABCt format that allows for each of explanation and application. These are intended to be shared with the client and designed for their ease of use.

What if I get asked about my business experience and it is lacking?

Business experience is unnecessary. Your expertise is different.   Business coaching is about facilitating behavioural change and not about running a business. If you have a background in psychology then you are already likely to have more knowledge about changing behaviour than your client. when you add to that the specific business coaching the iABCt provides, you will be more than equipped to deliver outstanding results.

When does the programme start and end?

It starts in April and May 2015 and runs for a full year.

Who will I be learning with?

Your fellow delegates will be just like you. Just like you they will have been interviewed and must be accepted before being enrolled on the programme. Part of the enrolment criteria is a genuine and enthusiastic desire to become an effective business coach. It is unlikely they will have any experience of professional coaching but like you, will come to the programme with some idea of what coaching is. they will share the learning experience with you and will be your support group as you all begin to grow your own successful business coaching practices.

Why is the training in Tenerife?


Why is this so inexpensive compared to similar programmes?

The iABCt is a relatively new institution and as such is keen to attract participants and establish a presence in the international business coaching and training environment; therefore at this time costs are being subsidized to make programmes like this even more attractive. Our goal has been to remove as far as possible the barrier of cost.

Won't my clients know more about what to do than me?

It is to be hoped that they know more about running their business than you do! It is highly unlikely that they will be anywhere close to knowing as much as you about how to create and maintain the behavioural changes necessary for a business leader to be successful in achieving their goals.

Then the BIG question - How much does it all cost!

The great news is that the fees for 2015 have been capped at just £2700 for the whole course; that includes the residential ‘Summer School’ accommodation and tuition, all the course materials, the supervised telephone sessions and the tutorials to get you through the assignment and other written elements of the programme. That’s the good news. The bad news is that there is also a cap on the class numbers and you MUST BE SELECTED to attend. Our aim is to ensure that this course is the right fit for all participants and that not only do you benefit from the material but you benefit also from working together. REGISTER YOUR INTEREST HERE

Psychologists too make great Business Coaches

All coaching is about behavioural change; business coaching in particular often requires the client to recognise the need for themselves to change, if their business results are to improve

Almost anyone can become a business, executive or corporate professional coach with the appropriate training and supervised practise.

In April 2015 the iABCt begins a year long programme that will see newly qualified business coaches starting out on a new or enhanced career.

Psychologists with an interest in the commercial world have the potential to become outstanding business coaches, and hence are particularly welcome.

All participants will be equipped with the tools and techniques necessary to bridge the gap between their current business knowledge and experience, and the models necessary to help business owners and managers adapt what they do and generate better business results as a consequence. Please note you DO NOT have to be a psychologist to join the programme!