"Coaching hasn't happened unless there's been a shift in thinking and therefore behaviour".

Martin Goodyer

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Looking for a Commission Based Coach? Why choose a commission based coach?

Here’s a quick way to find out: Rate your business on this chart. You don’t need any figures or to do any research; it’s your business so use your gut instinct. Where on the scale going across from low performing to high performing is your business? Then plot where on the horizontal axis you think your employees are; from passive aggressive: “I’ll do it when I’ve got time” to active compliant: “I’ll get to that straight away… and figure out what to do next without you asking”. If you don’t have employees then rate your own feelings toward work instead.

If you score on the low performing side (left) and on the passive aggressive side (top) then ask yourself what you’re doing. The coaching you might need is to figure out a better business to be in or some other form of radical change.

If you score on the low performing side (left) and on the active compliant side (bottom) then there’s something wrong with your business processes. You might want to consider coaching around what actually goes on in the business itself.

If you score on the high performing side (right) but on the passive aggressive side (top) then there is an issue with motivation. A classic area for coaching to be of benefit.

If you score on the high performing side (left) and on the active complaint side (bottom) then you have a vibrant business that’s probably doing very well. Typically in this situation an owner might want to consider an ‘exit strategy’ and utilise coaching to help develop it.

Not sure if you need coaching?

Finding the right coaching for you

Request a Coach World Class Coaching Group Business Coaching Instant Coaching CBBC

One to one personal coaching with an accredited and qualified business coach

Join a small group of business owners and managers working together to grow their businesses

Audio coaching and coaching exercises to apply to your business without ever needing to meet with a coach

Commission Based Business Coaching: One to one or group coaching based on the single issue of profitable business growth

Pay as you go

Annual Fee

Allow us to help you find the right coach and the right coaching approach to suit your personal needs

Should coaches have their own coach?

Read the evidence of a recent survey and make up your own mind

Commi-ssion only

Buy what you need

The iABCt provides the best quality coach training that we believe will help deliver real return on investment quickly and effectively. Our training courses are rigorous and require certified coaches to have extensive practice in ‘actual’ coaching. This means that we often have fully trained coaches looking for opportunities to build up their experience and numbers of hours coaching. We therefore support them in finding genuine clients and providing coaching on a Pro-Bono basis. This means that they provide the coaching free of charge and at the end of the coaching assignment the coachee is asked to give feedback to the coach on their experience. The format for this free coaching opportunity is that the coach will provide 6 one-hour coaching sessions either by telephone or using Skype (or similar). Prior to agreeing to carry out the coaching assignment the coach and coachee will engage in a ‘Chemistry Meeting’ (again by telephone or the Internet) to agree the frequency of these sessions and to ensure that the relationship is likely to be satisfactory. If coaching is to take place using the telephone it will be the responsibility (and at the cost of) the coachee to make the call. Should there be a requirement to coach beyond the six one hour sessions, a charge will be made for the coaching as determined and agreed by the two parties. The iABCt will have no part in this arrangement as our role is to simply facilitate the initial Pro-Bono coaching arrangement. Please note that all liability for the coaching rests with the individual coach and not with the iABCt.


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