"Coaching hasn't happened unless there's been a shift in thinking and therefore behaviour".

Martin Goodyer

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Life Changing Experiences for your Teenager

We all know that achieving a work-life balance is important - so, what if you could achieve your goal of training to be a professional coach and at the same time help your teenager set a life course with the potential to benefit them for years to come? …And what if you could achieve that without having to pay?

“I was 13 when I attended with my dad. It changed how I thought about things and my self-confidence. That was 17 years ago - from a humble start in a London office, I now run the US division of a global telecoms organisation and know that what started it all was a belief that I could. I’m so glad dad let me come along”

The next part of the 2015 programme of professional coach training is in November. Again we are inviting participants on the programme to gain extra personal benefit by bringing along a teenager to attend the ‘Summer School’ part of the professional training programme. The 40 hours of guided learning and coaching practice holds the potential to significantly change the way they go about living the rest of their life and is a skill they would not otherwise be given the opportunity to acquire.

The way that it works is simple: When you enrol you will be offered the opportunity to bring with you a teenage member of your family. We appreciate that this will mean getting school approval, however if you are happy for them to share your room then we are happy for them to come along to the training and benefit from skills and communication approaches that can quite literally change the shape of their life to come.

F A Q’s

Can I bring more than one teenager?

Yes, as long as they share your room and you pay for their food then we are happy to accommodate them in the ‘Summer School’

Is everything free for the teenager?

Attendance at all the training and supervision during the ‘Summer School’ is completely free of charge. All you pay for is getting them there, feeding them and providing them with a means of accessing the PDF training files we make available. If you have more than one teenager sharing your room there may also be a small charge by the hotel but other than that the training is on us.

Why can’t you do the course during school holidays?

The course dates were already set and we are offering this as an additional incentive to attend. We recognise the difficulties but also know that such opportunities do not come along very often and in normal circumstances would be too expensive and out of reach for many people. However by making it available in this way it carries no cost other than the few domestic issues mentioned. In most cases professional coach training is a legitimate business expense and we know that for delegates being paid for by their organisations this is a tremendous opportunity for those companies to support a genuine balance between business and personal / family development - an opportunity that does not come along very often.

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*Costs of meals and refreshments are not included. The offer applies to the ‘Summer School’ portion of the training only. Any additional accommodation requests over and above sharing the participants room are not included.

Our teenage years shape the person we become. We are now inviting participants in the 2016/7 programmes the opportunity to have their teenager attend professional coach training with them at no extra cost*