"Coaching hasn't happened unless there's been a shift in thinking and therefore behaviour".

Martin Goodyer

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The International Academy for Business Coaching and Training

International member of the Association for Coaching

Te home of the iABCt is in the region of the San Miguel Marina in the Arona district of Tenerife only a short drive from the Riena Sofia Airport, or at any of our other regular venues in the South of Tenerife

A wide range of accommodation choices are available  in the immediate vicinity and within easy reach of the centre.

Just minutes from the international airport

iABCt, Tenerife


Tel: 0044 8452 300 443

E-mail: admin@iABCt.org


How to become a member of the iABCt

Membership of the iABCt is open to both alumnae and faculty members. The iABCt is committed to the development of the highest quality business coaching and personal development training. Members gain access to the growing number of research activities and specialised training programmes that are not available generally.

IABCt members who have something to share with the world are invited to submit their details to the ‘Speaking Sense Speakers’ page where their topics for professional or academic talks are available for general view.

To become a member of the iABCt simply join one of of training programmes or forward your details and specialist training skills details to us for possible inclusion in one of our guided learning or distance learning course modules.

Terrace used for on site guided learning programmes