"Coaching hasn't happened unless there's been a shift in thinking and therefore behaviour".

Martin Goodyer

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The International Academy for Business Coaching and Training

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iABCt Professional Coaching Certificate

Pragmatic & Practical Tools to create sustainable behavioural change
First and foremost this programme is about equpping participants with the skills to facilitate sustainable change in a business environment. It teaches delegates how to be a professional coach. It teaches delegates how to inspire generative chanages in behaviour. It teaches tools to use as issue-related models, and it teaches how to use business coaching as a means of delivering immediate AND long term performance improvements.

A credible certification
Underpinned by verifiable academic models, approaches and measures, compiled by leading business coaches, delivered by independently qualified and hugely experienced business coaches and recognised by the coaching profession a genuine and credible certificate of competence.

An international  experience
Residential elements hosted in Tenerife to take advantage of long warm and sunny days and an outstanding learning environment, with delegates from across Europe coming together to share experiences and develop their potential.

A focused curriculum
Specifically designed to capture business experience, add coaching skills and shape into an effective business coaching methodology that delivers results; both to clients and to establish a thriving coaching practice.

A year of personal and professional development
The iABCt Professional Coaching Certificate is made up of an intensive residential week at the business school, distance learning, personal tutoring, practise coaching sets and supervised practise sessions over the year. It also includes two written assessments; a coaching 'project' and coaching 'diary'. The project assignment requires the demonstration of business coaching skills in a real situation and the diary provides evidence of a minimum of 20 hours specific coaching experience.


Certification is dependent on successful completion of the programme and all its elements. Each key result area is tested by both formal examination, tutor marked assignments and attendance records.

Delegates granted the iABCt Professional Coaching Certificate can be justifiably proud of proud of their achievements and clients can be certain that they are dealing with a credible and properly equipped business coach.



In what way does the iABCt CBC programme differ from other business coaching qualifications?

Many coach training programmes may include 'business' in their title but do not actually include business coaching tools. The iABCt Professional Coaching Certificate covers both a business coaching approach and (as importantly) the most effective tools for delivering business coaching results. This programme is primarily intended for those considering business coaching as a career who might currently be working within an organisation. This programme provides the training for such individuals to add considerable value to their employer while honing skills that may one day form the foundation of a new career. The programme will also suit those already in a 'portfolio' working situation, as it supports the application of business coaching development alongside consulting or part time business management commitments.

What benefit does an international course give me?

In all coach training programmes there is a requirement to practise with fellow participants. Working alongside experienced business men and women from other countries can be of enormous value both in terms of the quality of interaction and exposure to business knowledge. Compare and contrast this with general coaching programmes with delegates from non business backgrounds interested in life coaching or internal corporate coaching and it becomes instantly apparent why we value the interaction of our delegates so highly.

Why haven't I heard of the iABCt before?

The Academy is a new institution, established in 2012, that came about in direct response to the need for such a body. The growth of coaching in Europe has been significant and along with it a growth in the number of training programmes claiming to teach business coaching. Courses ranging from a weekend seminars to long-winded academic experiences and any number that fall in between have resulted in many would-be coaches spending a fortune on training that in many cases has not equipped them to do the job successfully, therefore part of the iABCt's mission is to right this wrong.

Can anyone join the programme?

Anyone with a genuine desire to coach is welcome. Criteria for acceptance is detailed in the prospectus but may be summarised as having appropriate level of business experience, an appropriate educational background and appropriate level of maturity consistent with the profile of a successful business coach or coach internal coach within organisation

How much time is needed over the year to achieve the qualification?

Apart from the intensive week of residential learning it is estimated that a further 6 to 8 hours per week for 28 weeks is necessary to achieve the required standard.

Course Detail

iABCt – Professional Coaching Certificate

Course Content Summary – Key Result Areas

KR1 - Rapport & relationship management
KR2 - Contracting - differences in coaching approaches
KR3 - Formal Coaching Models
KR4 - Informal Coaching Models 
KR5 - Behavioural Coaching Tools 
KR6 - Business Coaching Tools
KR7 - Quality Standards - essential practice management
KR8 - Return on Investment - coaching effectiveness measures


What will the iABCt Professional Coaching Certificate give you?